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Construction Objects
Akademichesky Residential Area, Yekaterinburg. Akademichesky Residential Area, YekaterinburgAkademichesky is a residential area being constructed inside Leninsky and Verkh-Isetsky Districts of Yekaterinburg. The project development was initiated in 2005 by Renova-StroyGroup in conjunction with the administration of Yekaterinburg.
Avrora Residential Center, Yekaterinburg. Avrora Residential Center, YekaterinburgAvrora Center is located in Shirokaya Rechka, one of the cleanest districts of Yekaterinburg without any industrial plants. The center construction started in 2006. A total of 15 sections of varied storey levels are designed (16 and 25 storeys).
BazhovskyPremiumResidentialCenter. BazhovskyPremiumResidentialCenterBazhovsky Premium Residential Center is located at the intersection of Shevchenko and Kuznechnaya Streets and is 18-24-storey residential house with a double-layer underground parking and shopping and office premises en the 1st to the 5th floors.
Stalins High-rises, Moscow. Stalins High-rises, MoscowStalins High-rises mean seven skyscrapers built in Moscow between the late 1940s and the early 1950s. The initial project plan was to construct 8 buildings intended to symbolize the 800th anniversary of Moscow and to "frame" (literally) the never-erected Palace of the Soviets.